Fall 2018 Workshops

Blogging for Artists

Blogging is a great way to self-publish content and promote your creative work & lifestyle. This class will teach you basic blogging platforms and how to link your posts to your other modes of social media. We will learn how to schedule and integrate blogging into your creative life, different types of content you can publish and how to keep your material fresh and relevant. We will even talk about affiliate and ad programs to earn some income from your posts. Challenge yourself to push beyond two and three-dimensional art and enter the realm of creative blogging.

September 20th 2018, Artistry MN, Bloomington, Minnesota, 6:00-8:00 PM


Time Management for Creatives

Need more time to manage your creative small business? This class will discuss how to maximize your schedule to fit more art and creative time into your routine. We will discuss helpful time tracking tools, management systems, hiring assistants and setting goals. Artist and entrepreneur Kate Renee, balances a full time day job, her creative art making, teaches workshops, publishes new content on her blog weekly and provides private consultations. Learn some of her tips and tricks to balance the demands of life and the desire to create.

October 11th 2018, Artistry MN, Bloomington, Minnesota, 6:00-8:00 PM


Instagram 2.0

Are you familiar with Instagram (or perhaps took the Instagram for Artists workshop) but maybe still have some questions? I frequently hear artists say that they want to re-take that class to really understand Instagram. Well, I listened, and designed Instagram 2.0, a class for beginners who need a refresh but are ready to get back on social media. This class is also great for the Intermediate user who is ready to implement strategies and up their photography skills. You will learn how to tailor your instagram to market and promote your art. Strategies for your art business will covered as well as branding, staging, and getting great images.

November 7th 2018, Artistry MN, Bloomington, Minnesota, 6:00-8:00 PM