Why You Can’t Rely on Your Social Media

Let’s be real, you can’t rely on social media: algorithms change, advertising is a pay to play game, and online marketing is a constant changing environment. By the time you figure out a strategy to gain fans and followers it seems like something has changed. While social media has to be apart of every business’s Read more about Why You Can’t Rely on Your Social Media[…]

Cybersecurity & Websites for Artists

Twice this week I’ve seen friends and fellow artists get hacked on their social media accounts. Over a year ago, the Art School Blog was also hacked. The world of artist websites can be tricky for those of us who aren’t computer savvy or web coders. But, it’s time to talk about a few best Read more about Cybersecurity & Websites for Artists[…]

Collecting Art Data: You Don’t Need to Be A Mathematician

There is power in numbers! Monitoring and tracking data is key because there are a number of ways you can utilize it to drive a successful creative business. Where is creative data is applicable? Grant proposals are a great area to utilize your analytic data. Proposals are stronger when there is data that you have researched Read more about Collecting Art Data: You Don’t Need to Be A Mathematician[…]