Hazards of Your Art Materials

Art materials can be hazardous to our health. It is important for artists to educate themselves on the hazards of the tools and materials they use in their creative practice. While this post will focus mainly on the toxicity and hazardous content that makes up our creative materials, be aware that the creation of our Read more about Hazards of Your Art Materials[…]

Preparing for the Worst: Art Emergencies

A couple years ago, I got a scary email that had informed me that there was a fire in my studio building. Luckily, it was contained but was large enough that it had managed to set off the sprinkler systems. This fire happened down the hallway from my studio and I received no damage. This experience Read more about Preparing for the Worst: Art Emergencies[…]

Studio Safety and Security

Open buildings are a security risk. Many art buildings have open access with limited security or surveillance. While this is great for getting the pubic in on First Thursdays or other open studio events, it also leaves the door open for some sketchy folks to poke around in your business. As you settle into your Read more about Studio Safety and Security[…]

Studio Security: How Safe is Your Space

Receiving that email in your inbox from the property management company that a suspicious man was found lurking through your building trying to find unlocked doors raises many concerns. This email showed up in my inbox which ironically paired with some experiences I had traveling to some unsecured local art buildings in my community that had Read more about Studio Security: How Safe is Your Space[…]