Hashtag Rules You Don’t Know Exist

If hashtags are still a mystery for you, it’s important to know that there is strategy behind hashtags. It’s a new form of digital language, that if understood, can help with your online business growth. This blog post discusses the “rules” that you didn’t know existed when it comes to learning about hashtags. 1.You can’t Read more about Hashtag Rules You Don’t Know Exist[…]

How to Respond to Fake Accounts & Hackers on Instagram

Fake accounts following you on Instagram: Ignore them. Spam account and bots will eventually get removed. You can report them as spam, but move on and don’t worry that they followed. If your account is hacked on Instagram: As long as you can keep accessing your account, get into the account and change your password Read more about How to Respond to Fake Accounts & Hackers on Instagram[…]

6 Things to be Aware of with Instagram Giveaways

Giveaways on social media can be a fun way to quickly grow your audience and add a bit of buzz around your products. There are a handful of things that tend to occur around social media giveaways that are hard to avoid but important to be aware of when designing your own giveaway. Disappointment: When Read more about 6 Things to be Aware of with Instagram Giveaways[…]

20 Reasons Why You Need An Instagram for your Art

A frequent question I get from artists is if they really need an Instagram account. There are plenty of blog articles that can tell you HOW to do Instagram, but this posts outlines WHY you need an Instagram.  It supports your creative business by being focused on visual imagery and visual content.  Many small businesses, Read more about 20 Reasons Why You Need An Instagram for your Art[…]

Hashtag Basics

Still don’t understand hashtags? This post boils down hashtags into simple steps. Whats a Hashtag? A hashtag is used to identify messages of a specific topic on social media. You use the hash or pound symbol and follow it with a identifying word. There is no space between the hashtag symbol and the word (or Read more about Hashtag Basics[…]

Naming Your Business

Choosing your business name can be a difficult choice. This blog post outlines the three considerations to remember when naming your business. Check for Availability  Not only is it crucial to your new organization’s identity to obtain a unique name under which to operate, its also Minnesota law. Any potential name for a new business Read more about Naming Your Business[…]

Instagram: Creating Content with Similar Subjects

When artists are deep in the creative process of a project or in executing an event, it can be hard to post Instagram images that provide variety. This blog post helps to answer the question of how to post repeated subjects on Instagram while still creating engaging content. Below are Instagram grid examples to help demonstrate Read more about Instagram: Creating Content with Similar Subjects[…]

Social Networking: Instagram & Artists

The question I have been getting from artists, specifically the creative baby boomer generation is why do I need Instagram? Its easy for the young emerging creative to understand the benefits of Instagram, so this blog post is not directed for you millennials! This post outlines the benefits of using a visual based social media Read more about Social Networking: Instagram & Artists[…]