Vanity Galleries: What Are They?

  I was recently approached by a gallery in New York and became very excited. Exhibiting in New York, this is it, it my big break! ….But then I thought, this seemed too good to be true, After my initial excitement wore off, I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered it was a vanity Read more about Vanity Galleries: What Are They?[…]

Real Talk: Turning Off Art Speak

Did you know there is an official term for art speak? Its called International Art English. Regardless of what you call it, lets just say it, art speak is a total turn off. While you may think it makes you sound sophisticated. Nobody knows what you are saying, and you may not either. There is Read more about Real Talk: Turning Off Art Speak[…]

Creative Consultations for Artists

Work one-on-one with Kate Renee on various creative business aspects of your artistic career. From talking about writing a proposal for the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant to assisting you with creating an Artist Facebook Page, Kate can provide you with a variety of helpful tips and resources. Please email her with your Read more about Creative Consultations for Artists[…]