Instagram: Creating Content with Similar Subjects

When artists are deep in the creative process of a project or in executing an event, it can be hard to post Instagram images that provide variety. This blog post helps to answer the question of how to post repeated subjects on Instagram while still creating engaging content. Below are Instagram grid examples to help demonstrate Read more about Instagram: Creating Content with Similar Subjects[…]

Developing your Artist Brand Perception & Strategy

For the not so savvy social marketer or the less business inclined artist, strategizing your brand may be a new concept as its not a skill that is taught or really discussed. Being aware of basic brand developing strategies others use can help us as we develop our own. These are the lessons in brand Read more about Developing your Artist Brand Perception & Strategy[…]

Curating Your Artistic Life

You don’t need a marketing degree to own and develop your own brand.  You also don’t need to put everything out there for your audience to see. Your artwork, your products, your digital footprint, your studio space, and your personality all contribute to developing your brand and your professionalism. This blog posts outlines 4 places to Read more about Curating Your Artistic Life[…]