How to Give Helpful Feedback

Giving critiques and feedback is a skill you will need as an artist. While most times you may be seeking feedback from others about your art, you will also need to play the role of critic to fellow artists along the way. This blog post outlines some ways to think about giving feedback and how Read more about How to Give Helpful Feedback[…]

Painful Criticism: Learning How to Bounce Back

Criticism is someone’s opinion or perception. It can come in the form of positive feedback where you leave feeling inspired, or it can be hurtful and be a negative an uninformed opinion. As a creative entrepreneur, you will encounter both positive and negative criticism during your career. The positive criticism is great, but what happens Read more about Painful Criticism: Learning How to Bounce Back[…]

The Dark Side: 7 Ways to Tame Your Inner Critic

There are two forms of criticism. One type of criticism is received from teachers, friends, artists and press, outer resources. The other is our own criticism; personal inner criticism. Both forms of criticism can help us to push forward and grow our art. But the flip side to positive feedback aimed at growth is negative Read more about The Dark Side: 7 Ways to Tame Your Inner Critic[…]