Creative Waves: Permission to Begin Again

With 2018 here now is a great time to start brainstorming your goals and setting resolutions. One of those goals may be to pick up your creativity again. Artists and creatives all go through waves. There are times when inspiration is all around. Exhibitions are on the calendar, grant proposals are getting submitted, art is Read more about Creative Waves: Permission to Begin Again[…]

Stop Believing You’re Not Creative

There are a variety of reasons why artists and creatives may doubt their creative skills. Some doubts sprout from starting a creative career later in life, not having a “real” studio space or strong body of work. Sometimes we’ve taken a break from our work and return feeling a lack of inspiration. Perhaps this doubt Read more about Stop Believing You’re Not Creative[…]

How Creative Rest Impacts Your Artistic Success

If you have recently pushed through a project or commission, achieved a big goal, or just had a large exhibition, you can end feeling great about your achievement but feel creatively burnt out. The best thing for you is some creative rest, literally and figuratively. Taking time to take a break or rest in between Read more about How Creative Rest Impacts Your Artistic Success[…]

The Blank Canvas: Finding Inspiration

Seeking inspiration can be difficult in a world of ads, social media and the latest trends switching daily. With Pinterest and Instagram as the new ways to “get inspired,” these sources of inspiration are mere time-suckers. A few minutes of looking at posts and pins usually leads to a lost hour, or two, and no Read more about The Blank Canvas: Finding Inspiration[…]

Care for Creatives: Managing Your Wellness

When you flip through an arts career book, you won’t find a section about artist self-care. Self-care is generally not associated with the technical or business skills of being an artist, but managing your health and wellness is essential to your longevity, creativity and overall success. While the self-care industry includes a laundry list of ways to Read more about Care for Creatives: Managing Your Wellness[…]