The Double Costs of Studio Rental

Having a separate studio is oftentimes the dream of an artist, but renting can be costly, and it’s not just rent that adds up. This weeks blog post highlights the double costs associated with having a studio or rented creative space, meaning the things that you often pay for twice when balancing the costs of Read more about The Double Costs of Studio Rental[…]

Studio Safety and Security

Open buildings are a security risk. Many art buildings have open access with limited security or surveillance. While this is great for getting the pubic in on First Thursdays or other open studio events, it also leaves the door open for some sketchy folks to poke around in your business. As you settle into your Read more about Studio Safety and Security[…]

Studio Search: 10 Questions to Ask Before Signing the Lease

Looking for a new, or perhaps your first, art studio? With spring studio tours just around the corner, here are 10 questions to help you along your studio search journey. While you are visiting potential spaces, remember to always put safety first. If the building is a well-known arts space in your community, you are Read more about Studio Search: 10 Questions to Ask Before Signing the Lease[…]

Creating a Welcoming Studio: Keys to a Successful Open house

Have you ever noticed during open studio events that people tend to walk into some studios but not others? Creating a welcoming studio environment is the difference between a successful open studio event and a long weekend of frustration.   My studio space is located in in a building maze complex made of 14 connected buildings. We Read more about Creating a Welcoming Studio: Keys to a Successful Open house[…]

Finding & Leasing A Studio

Finding a Space Its easy to find studios that are over-priced in the arts districts of Minneapolis and St Paul. These studios will be high rents with small spaces. Taking the time to find the right space for you rather than choosing a space because its an “artist building” will save you money. There are Read more about Finding & Leasing A Studio[…]