4 Reasons Why Artist Residencies Suck

Artist residencies are so cool, but are they really designed for the real life everyday artist? And actually they don’t suck, but artist residencies are not set up for artists who have the responsibilities of balancing a family, kids, 9-5 job or other responsibilities. Although I have written blog posts about residencies in the past Read more about 4 Reasons Why Artist Residencies Suck[…]

Artist Residency Resources

Residencies take planning and a bit of schedule coordination to fit in to life especially if you are balancing a career, family, or other activities. If you are in a period of unemployment or are in between jobs and can spare some cash, I recommend taking an artist residency. This was the website that I used Read more about Artist Residency Resources[…]

Artist Residency: Travel Packing List

When I was accepted into a residency program, I began researching as much as I could about what I needed to bring. Unfortunately, nobody had compiled a good basic residency packing lists for artists or at least from what I could find. My research brought up a lot of vacation packing lists and information about specific residencies. I Read more about Artist Residency: Travel Packing List[…]