Educating Yourself on MN Arts Politics

Author’s Note: The political bias of this blog post is: supporting the arts and being an informed & active arts advocate is one of the important job roles of being an artist. However, this blog post is a non-partisan informative post outlining how Minnesotan artists can learn how to self-educate themselves on art & politics. Read more about Educating Yourself on MN Arts Politics[…]

Your Copyright Rights

When you create a work of art, your work is automatically protected with copyright rights, even without registering an official copyright claim with the Copyright Office. Oftentimes, we have to learn about copyright laws when our copyright has been infringed upon. This week’s blog post educated you on the 5 basic rights to your intellectual Read more about Your Copyright Rights[…]

7 Legal Details of Commission Agreements

Working with galleries often means signing contracts. This is important because contracts outline the liability, authority, and responsibilities of each party. While most galleries will have their own contacts (usually consignment agreements) when working with artists, you can’t assume that: all contracts are the same that they are written protect the artist that they have all Read more about 7 Legal Details of Commission Agreements[…]

Debating About Serving Alcohol at Art Events

Lets face it, we’ve all done it. That nonchalant bottle of wine sitting among the free snacks during an open studio event. You’ve probably thought, its not the best idea, but you’ve never had an issue serving alcohol at your art event in the past. This blog post covers the topic of wine culture at Read more about Debating About Serving Alcohol at Art Events[…]

Naming Your Business

Choosing your business name can be a difficult choice. This blog post outlines the three considerations to remember when naming your business. Check for Availability  Not only is it crucial to your new organization’s identity to obtain a unique name under which to operate, its also Minnesota law. Any potential name for a new business Read more about Naming Your Business[…]

How to Form Your Own LLC in Minnesota

You would think that art school would have some business classes thrown in there to help teach artists how to manage their own business….yes because that’s what professional artists do, run businesses!  Art schools do little to prepare students to walk out into the art world and live and work as a professional. Business skills Read more about How to Form Your Own LLC in Minnesota[…]