An Update: Where has the Art School Blog been?

An Update: Where has the Art School Blog been?

Hello Artists and Creatives!

It has been a while since the last current post on What Art School Didn’t Teach You. It’s time to fess up where I’ve been….at art school.

Well kind of, I actually was enrolled in a Master’s program studying Arts and Cultural Management, essentially I was getting a degree in arts administration. The last year of my program was pretty intense. I had to complete an internship in the arts (while managing a full time day job, art making, consulting, and life in general) as well as begin research for my final thesis paper. Balance was difficult during this time, and it was necessary to step away from blogging to finish up school.

For my final topic, I studied (drumroll please…..) arts entrepreneurship! And while it seems ironic that the blog is called what art school didn’t teach you, and I focused on arts entrepreneurship, I learned a ton about the field of arts entrepreneurship, or perhaps lack of. (I will post some content on this later in future blogs).

So, my exciting news is that school is finished, and What Art School Didn’t Teach You is back! Look forward to weekly posts starting in June. But what I really wanted to say was thanks for being patient. I am excited to be back blogging! In addition to being back on the blog there are a few more announcements:

New Blog Features!

  • New look! The blog got a much-needed facelift and has a new look.
  • Consulting is now back starting on June 1st 2020. All consults are now digital via Skype due to the need to social distance during COVID-19.
  • Donations are now being accepted. Artists who have experienced consultations and want to help pay-it-forward can provide a scholarship consultation for an artist in need. You can donate a consultation under the shop page.
  • Consultation scholarships are available. As donations come available, scholarship consultations will be listed on the consult booking page.
  • Informational interviews are open to students. Informational interviews tend to be a school assignment where students speak to artists in the field, interview them, and seek professional advice. This type of experience is great to learn more about creative professions as well as practicing networking. These are free but limited to student artists or the equivalent.
  • Later this year, I’ll be making workshops online as well as expanding a product line in the shop!

Thanks for sticking around during this pause, looking forward to continuing to post and share arts entrepreneurial content here. Comment below sharing what you love about the blog, topics you would like covered, or entrepreneurial questions you want answered!


-Kate Renee

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