The Key to Doubling your Business

The Key to Doubling your Business

For those of you who have already given up on your resolution, I have a small business habit that will help bring about success this year. I’ve nearly doubled my business compared to last year at this time because of this new habit.

My success is because I know what’s going on in my business!

This new habit is a 1 hour business meeting with yourself. I do this meeting every single Monday.

This meeting helps me stay organized, check in on my goal progress, push me towards growth, and know where I am financially as a business. The 5 weekly reflection questions have pushed me to try new tactics, I have agreed to new opportunities, I dumped the resolution, and I found a solid vision for my business.

Here is how you do it…. I designed a checklist with what I cover in my Monday meeting. This meeting takes about an hour, some Mondays if I have more to cover and organize it may take two.

I designed this tool around my business needs so feel free to start with what I do and build upon it.

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