Creating Your 2019 Vision Board

Creating Your 2019 Vision Board

A vision board is not just a collage of magazine images, it’s a visual tool to help guide you through the year. It’s about making your goals happen!

Intention: The intention behind the board is what does the work. It’s the most important part of the vision board process. It’s also the starting point of this annual project.

Create a positive intention behind your vision board. For example, instead of focusing on lack of clients you have in your business, include images of meeting with new customers. Always focus on the steps you can take and the positive side of the goal rather than what you don’t want or what you don’t have.

The clearer you are, the better your board will be. Be intentional and the tool can guide you all year long.

Tip: You can create a big picture vision board that encompasses your life or you can get specific with different areas: career, relationship, family, body, business, etc. Decide what type of vision board you want to create and your overall intention before you begin creating your vision board.

An intention can be as simple as one word.

Collecting: Before you begin your board, spend some time collecting items for your vision board. This can be simple like gathering magazines, quotes, and images you are drawn to. Gather what is around you, what’s readily available, and already in your space. There is no need to go to a store to buy special magazines or books with images.

Some of the most powerful images may come from advertisements and stories you normally wouldn’t read.

Tip: Always be on the lookout for images that you are drawn to. Keep a manilla envelope in your creative space to gather images throughout the year. Then when you are ready to create another vision board, you already have a small stock pile of images you could use.

Sacred Space: After setting your intention, create a sacred space. Having a select day or period of time to create the vision is important too. Playing calm music, lighting a candle, burning incense can all help set the tone of your space.

Creation: While working quick isn’t the goal, limiting your time for each steps of the vision board. Spend time collecting images, cutting and trimming them, arranging them on your board, and final gluing them down. That way you won’t get stuck collecting images until you find the “perfect” one and you will end your vision board creation within the day you intended to make it.

Tip: Your vision board also does not need to be a collage. It also doesn’t need to be very big. It can be a simple as one or two images. It can also include quotes, words, lists of goals, and objects.

How your vision board looks is not important, it’s not about making something beautiful or instagrammable.

Post Creation: Once you have completed making your vision board, spend some time meditating on your creation and seeing the meaning behind your board. It’s important to remember that this tool will visually remind you of your goals and dreams throughout the year and help support you as you strive to meet them.

Keep your vision board visible throughout the year. Hang it in your room, studio or somewhere where you can see it so you can refer to it often.

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