Defining Success in the New Year

Defining Success in the New Year

With the New Year almost here, it’s time to set goals, start new projects, and plan our resolutions. But before all of that happens, have you thought  about spending some time re-defining what success means to you? It’s important to define your own creative success before setting new goals.

In 2019, it’s time to follow your creative path, not the path or dreams of others.

As you begin to mature into your creative career (regardless of your age), you will be able to better define your version of success. Especially if this question feels murky for you when reading this week’s post.

It’s easy to choose goals you think are good and appropriate for you in the beginning. But it’s important to examine these goals and make sure they align with what you really want to achieve.

Remember, you don’t need to follow a traditional “artist” career path. This can mean showing in large white-walled galleries, being purchased by collectors, or getting a degree from an art school. You don’t always need to have been passionate about being creative either. People come into their creativity from many paths and at many different points in their lives. People also change their creative focus and medium.

It’s time to shed other people’s ideas of success and try to manifest your truth.

Spend some time soul-searching and figure out what YOU want to do. When you think of what you want to accomplish in your creative field ask yourself is this what I really want to do or is this someone else expects me to do?

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