20 Reasons Why You Need An Instagram for your Art

A frequent question I get from artists is if they really need an Instagram account. There are plenty of blog articles that can tell you HOW to do Instagram, but this posts outlines WHY you need an Instagram. 

  1. It supports your creative business by being focused on visual imagery and visual content. 
  2. Many small businesses, artists, and creatives have grown their business through using this platform. 
  3. You can have multiple accounts open and easily toggle between them. This means you can manage a public arts account for your art photos and keep an additional personal account for your own photos. 
  4. It’s not going away and its not just the hip new social media. Its a large platform that many people are running their business and building their social capital on. Read the social capital blog post for more info.
  5. Authentic voice and individuality is key which also allows you to build your brand. No Instagram looks the same.
  6. You can get inspired. The photos, creative ideas, and imagery found on Instagram is some of the most beautiful and inspiring content out there. If your not sure what to post, you can get ideas within Instagram.
  7. You can build your online community and create relationships with other users, small businesses, and artists. 
  8. You can also find new audiences, buyers, and collectors who hadn’t found you or your artwork before. 
  9. You can make sales and promote your product line or services. 
  10. It’s a marketing tool that is free of cost (unless you pay for Instagram Ads of course).
  11. Your ‘competition’ and peers already have accounts (Go ahead and look them up!).
  12. You can create a business profile where you can see analytical information that gives you insights to your audience. 
  13. Galleries, arts non-profits, arts administrators, artists, creative businesses and other services already use instagram so there is a community already there once you join. 
  14. You can keep up to date on current and local art happenings in your community (as well as national and international ones too).
  15. You can funnel audience members to your end goal (most likely your website, signing up for a newsletter or a sale).
  16. The easy-to-use filters make the non-photographer take great photos.
  17. There are additional apps you can use alongside Instagram to format your photos, re-post other user’s images, plan out your content, overlay text on your pictures and more. 
  18. You can easily post content from your Instagram account to your other social networks including Twitter and Facebook. (Although don’t share every Instagram post to your other networks because you will look spammy. Just share your favorites!)
  19. Its mobile friendly so its easy to manage and use with an on-the-go lifestyle. While its easy to get sucked in to this visually appealing app, just a few minutes of posting and engaging with your audience and other accounts keeps your profile relevant.
  20. The political rants, complaining, bullying and trolling you can sometimes find on Facebook isn’t on Instagram. Instagram isn’t about the text and written content, it’s about the images. This visual focus decreases much of the irritating content and debates you can find on other social networks.

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