Social Media Updates, Hacks, & Changes You Don’t Want to Miss

Social Media Updates, Hacks, & Changes You Don’t Want to Miss

Many social networks have had updates and changes this week. Here’s the information you need to know which can impact your creative business.

Google + is being shut down due to a security bug…and also because of the fact that nobody uses Google+. It was supposed to be the rival social network to Facebook but never really caught on.

What this means for you: One less social media account to manage!

Instagram: In the beginning of October,  the co-founders of Instagram announced that they are stepping away from their positions. If you were not aware, Instagram is owned by Facebook. It is unclear what direction Instagram will be heading but the 2 founders of Instagram left due to creative differences. This most likely means that we can see changes in the near future to the social media platform. Instagram has always been big about authenticity and keeping business accounts on equal playing fields as personal accounts. It will be interesting to see what shifts in the next update.

Another update that Instagram is implementing is that they are now using software to detect bullying online!

What this means for you:  Continue using Instagram the way you do now. Eventually the Instagram algorithms and features will change, keep your eyes and ears perked to any mentions of updates and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. 

Facebook: If you didn’t hear the news, Facebook was hacked.  This security breach was the biggest one of Facebook’s history and took over 11 days to stop it. Many people still are not aware of the breach and it affected over 30 million account users on Facebook (Although it was originally thought this number was 50 million). It is unknown how long the attackers had access to Facebook information before the security issue was found and repaired. 90 Million users were forced logged out by Facebook due to the attack.

It is unsure how this hack affected other social media accounts (Pinterest), digital services (Airbnb) and 3rd party apps (Tinder, Spotify) that are tied to your Facebook accounts. Many times you have the ability to access these apps and sites by “logging in using your Facebook account.”  This login capability allows you to easily access other services without needing to remember a new account with another username  password. It is undetermined if the hack has affected these other sites tied to Facebook accounts. 

What this means for you: Change your Facebook password now! There have been new updates to this hack everyday in the news this week, keep an eye out for further information. Facebook will message the 30 million people affected in the near future. If you were forced logged out from your account, that doesn’t necessarily mean your information was taken. 50 million were accessed and an additional 40 million were forced logged out for precaution. 

Double check your account information, make sure what is listed about you online is what you wish to share. The following information was accessible if your account was accessed or hacked: 

  • email address
  • phone number
  • relationship status
  • location, home-town, and self-reported current city
  • birthday
  • gender
  • language
  • username
  • religion
  • device used to login
  • last 10 places you checked into
  • website
  • pages and people you follow
  • last 15 searches
  • place of work

Square: The CEO of Square (yes the mobile register you can use on your phone) just left the company. The CEO has been credited with the large growth Square has had over the past few years.

What this means for you: While stocks for Square have recently taken a down turn, its unsure whats going to happen next with Square or their future CEO. Keep your ears perked for any updates. 

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