Stones and Crystals for Creativity

Stones and Crystals for Creativity

Want to get in touch with your woo-woo and metaphysical side? Love the beauty of rocks and gems? This non-traditional creativity-themed blog post is talking rocks and gems. While none of this is proven,  why not pop a small citrine in the studio and see what happens. These crystals are all said to help with creativity.

Citrine: Inspiration, creativity, and self-improvement, it encourages acceptance of criticism.

Citrine is a pale yellow quartz stone. Its coloring comes from impurities in the quartz which creates citrine when yellow and amethyst when purple.

Picasso Marble: Creativity, inner strength, goal achievement, self-discipline, and motivation.

Picasso Marble a type of jasper and is named “Picasso marble” due to the dark striations that look like brush strokes on the stone. This rock looks like an abstract work of art.

Bumble Bee Jasper: Stimulates the creation of new projects as well as the sacral and solar plexus chakra. The sacral houses your creativity center.

It’s a type of jasper that has bright black, white, and yellow colors which is where it gets the name. It forms near volcanoes.

Be careful to only buy a sealed bumble bee jasper stone. The extreme volcanic activities that produce this stone also mean there are lots of toxins within. A sealed stone will be safe to handle.

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