4 Ways to Develop Better Online Content

4 Ways to Develop Better Online Content

Do you keep posting and sharing but not having luck? Banking on something going viral to get followers? Debate about buying likes through promotions? Well this is the post for you!

This week’s blog post puts you in charge of driving the success of your content. There are 4 ways to approach the way you share and develop your online content.

By online content we mean whatever you share on the internet. This includes your website, blog, and social networks. You can share all types of content: photos, artwork, blog posts, stories, quotes, selfies, etc. A strategy behind how you share this content will help get it into the hands of your audience.

1. Consistency – Posting and sharing content needs a schedule. If you are blogging, decide how often  you will post. If you are going to have an Instagram, decide how many pictures a day or a week you will upload. Once you know the quantity of the content, keep up with your schedule. Being consistent is key to growing your audience.

Batching content, or planning ahead multiple photos to share, blog posts or podcasts (or any other content for that matter) can benefit you for when you are needing to post but feeling uninspired.

Automation can also help with keeping your posts consistent. If you want to post something on your blog every week, you can schedule the post to automatically upload if you have an appointment scheduled that same morning. Just be careful with automation. Some content needs your engagement once it goes live. For example, if you post an Instagram photo and receive lots of comments, you don’t want to wait all day to respond to those comments. A lack of response will decease your engagement thus affecting the algorithm on Instagram. Automation can help you in a schedule bind, but make sure you follow up once you are free.

2. Engagement – Responding to people who “engage” with you. If someone likes or comments on some content that you have shared, respond. Maybe they just sent you an emoji, send them one back. Always respond whether its a smiley face, or a thank you.

As much as you want more engagement, this means you also need to engage with others. Be active on different social medias, blogs and websites. Like the material. Share what inspires you. And comment on other content. Be as active as you want your accounts to be.

3. Audience- Material that is more audience focused will drive more engagement and response then just material you want or likeDig into your analytics and figure out who is actually looking at your content. Most social networks provide this for you for free. You can also apply analytics to your on website and blogs. Figure out who your audience is and begin to better tailor your content with your audience in mind.

4. Authenticity – Never respond or engage with your audience with a with “Follow me and I’ll follow you back. Lets be real., authenticity is so important. Authenticity is what is driving brands these days. Robotics responses, overly filtered content and emphasis on quantity (rather than quality) will create a false impression.

Adding in captions with a personal story, sharing the ups and downs and including outtakes, bloopers or some lighthearted content can sometimes take you farther than the serious promotional pots.


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    • Hi Christine! Thanks for letting me know! I am glad What Art School blog is helpful, hopefully some of my tips help get your online audience going. I was just listening to my local radio station this week and they were also reiterating about how important authenticity was, so be yourself! Do you have a blog or artist page that you use? I’d love to check out your work and the content you share! Thanks for commenting, its always great to hear from readers!

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