The Spiritual Artist: 9 Items to Tap into Your Inner Guru

The Spiritual Artist: 9 Items to Tap into Your Inner Guru


Sometimes a little bit of creative self care includes some spirituality and a connection back to yourself. This blog post outlines 9 items, resources, and experiences that you help you tap into your inner guru and find some creative balance in your life.

None of these products are sponsored or paid endorsements. This blog post also has a Twin Cities local focus to some of the items below.

Cards: I am Powerdeck

Cost: $35.00

A deck of cards focused on “I am” affirmations. The beautiful background artwork of the affirmation cards are designed by an artist! They are sized like a normal deck of cards, smaller than typical tarot decks or oracle cards, but the number of cards in this deck make up for their small size.

Book: White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte

Cost: $25.00

Great book for that someone who  loves a good “self-help” book. Laporte, is a real-talk author who writes about truth and spirituality  with out getting lost in the woo-woo.

Magazine: Happinez Magazine

Cost: $17.99

My favorite imported magazine from the UK. A little bit expensive, but totally worth the splurge. Published quarterly, this magazine features high quality content about travel, yoga, natural items, small business, and everything happy. The images in this publication are gorgeous. Can find this at your local Barnes and Nobel.

Subscription Box: Goddess Provisions

Cost: $33

I always drool at the beautiful content, photos and products that Goddess Provisions shares on their Instagram. Goddess Provisions provides you with a vegan themed subscription boxes with everything from small spiritual tokens, food, essential oils & aromatherapy, tea, jewelry and more.

Local Experience: The Salt Caves

Cost: $30.00

Need a vacation but can’t afford to take one? Head on over to the Mpls Salt Caves for a round of salt therapy. The only thing you need to do there is relax, its that simple. Lounge back in a chair, close your eyes or look at the glowing salt walled caves, and breath in and out the lightly salted air. Great for reducing stress but also a health benefit for people with respiratory problems.

Workshop: IntraAwareness

Cost: $25.00

IntraAwareness has monthly workshop events that include a wide variety of chakra, shamanistic, journeying and detoxifying classes. What’s unique about these classes is the community that is developing around these workshops. Love attending these!

Jewelry: Tiny Devotions Mala

Cost: $20+ for the mala stones $108+ for the mala

I can’t get enough malas from Tiny Devotions. Their mala jewelry is beautiful and intentional and the Limitless collection allows you to swap out your mala’s large crystal. You can choose from a variety of crystals, absorbent lava stones that diffuse essential oils and fine tassels for your mala necklace.

Local Travel: Grotto of the Redemption

Cost: Tank of gas, snacks for the ride, and perhaps a night at a hotel

Picture a crystal cave unearthed and reconstructed into an explore-able roadside cathedral. Like a jungle-gym for spiritual junkies, this space has rooms, staircases and corridors to explore. Its totally worth a road trip to see the beautiful grotto made of real crystal.

This blog post was edited on 3/23/18 to remove one of the items listed that no longer positioned itself in a spiritual supportive role. It no longer an item that What Art School Didn’t Teach You felt supported and empowered women & minorities.

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