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Monthy subscription boxes have been trending for a while now. Like a magazine, these subscription boxes send you a small selection of items in the mail which tends to be a surprise. From BirchBox sending makeup samples, BarkBox sending dog toys and treats and NatureBox sending healthy snacks, you can choose any type of subscription box. There are a variety of art related boxes for artists that send tools, art supplies, new products and DIY crafts. This is a review of the subscription box Paletteful Packs.

Pack 6

Paletteful Packs

Website: http://www.palettefulpacks.com/

Cost: $29.95 for Young Artist $34.95 for Premier Pack

Free shipping USA

Subscription Types:

Premier Pack: Aimed at adults, professionals or anyone creative

Young Artist: Aimed at the younger creative (Ages 8+)

Month-to-month or 3, 6 or 12 month pre-paid subscription

Items: Full sized art supplies, curated and themed box. The website claims there is everything you need to make a work of art with the supplies in the box.

Paletteful Pack 3

My Box:  I received my box in February and felt that my box was Valentine’s Day Drawing themed due to the pink crimpy paper zig-zag stuffing, pink pen set and drawing themed products.

I received 3 items in my box all full sized which included a pack of Portrait Palette Tombow Dual Brush pens, Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Set, and a Pen & Ink Sketchbook. The value of my supplies sent easily equaled the amount paid for the box or more, Paletteful is definitely worth the cost for what you receive.

Bright Box Paletteful

What to Expect: I received everything you would need for a project although I believe my box was more about sketching and drawing then making an actual work of art. This is great because filling a sketchbook and getting ideas on the page is more of a long term process as opposed to a one time project. Boxes are themed and each month will be slightly different. You can view previous boxes on the website but you won’t know whats arriving in next month’s box. You still get that element of surprise!


Positives: Paletteful Packs has a cute logo and tag line: Playful, Colorful, Paletteful. The art subscription box also has nice packaging. Simple and clean but probably cost friendly for their company through the use of cardboard.

Paletteful emphasizes the size of their packaging, which is very evident when it arrives to your house. You can find a statement on their website where Paletteful explains their reason behind their box size. Large subscription boxes allows the subscripber to receive a variety of substrates like canvases and pads because it would be difficult to make work of art without the surface to make it on! So thoughtful, I love this.

I also love the count down at the top of Paletteful Pack’s webpage that tells you when your artbox will show up! I enjoy getting packages in the mail and when it’s a unknown themed box, the clock both adds and eases the anticipation of your subscription arriving as the countdown happens.

In my opinion, the small sample size subscription box had it moment. Now with a studio full of small sample sized art supplies, it’s refreshing to get full sets of supplies. This is the second subscription box  that I have tried that really sent full, high quality art supplies and think its the way to go if you are going to start up a new artbox subscription company. (Indigo Art Box also had full size!)

I think it is great that there are 2 different box options, one for adults and one for kids. Many box subscriptions seem to be one or the other but this one has options. This adds to the audience base that Paletteful can reach and opens up art and creativity to the younger artist.


Critiques: I assumed on the website that the “Paletteful Shop”  was where I could browse for various subscriptions but it was not the case. The “Get Started” button is where you get your box, not the shop. So don’t get lost there!

Paletteful’s Instagram is bare, I’d love to see what others are making with their Paletteful Packs! They also have a page on their website dedicated to the creative community of subscribers but that’s empty as well. I think this lack of a presence is simply because the company seem like they are in the early stages of development and are growing their subscriber base. I can’t wait to see what unfolds from their box in the future.

Some other subscription boxes tend to have a pre-planned project or are simply supplies to try. Paletteful Packs say that there is enough in each box for a work of art but just sent the supplies in a box with no context, direction or information about the items. I don’t think Paletteful Packs need to provide direction for a project but a simple card with information about each item would put the icing on the cake on their subscription box. Something as simple as telling the subscriber what the theme is or what the products are would suffice. Product knowledge is always great and another way for Paletteful to get some additional marketing and branding in the hands of their subscribers.

Some monthly boxes seem to loosely correlate between the adult and the youth box. If you’re a professional artist and you bought a box for yourself and your child artist, it appears that the two boxes are similar projects. For example, the Premier box for December was about paint and so was the Youth box. I’m unsure if this is purposeful because this isn’t the case for every month, but having correlating boxes between the two possible subscriptions would be great.

Recommendation: Paletteful Pack’s website has a space for reviews so future subscribers can hear from current subscribers and get insight into the boxes. If you read reviews on the February box, some subscribers wanted more than 3 items and were left a bit disappointed. I, however, really resonated with these items and I feel that quality is better than quantity. Paletteful Packs seem like a new company and have only sent out a few subscriptions but I would definitely order a second box. Although I only tried the Premier box, I enjoyed my products and would try this subscription again!

Disclosure Statement: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience

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