Gifts for Artists: Holiday Gift Buys for the Creative in Your Life

I’ve been looking through gift guides for creatives and finding some odd lists from driftwood paintbrush holders and cardboard color wheels, to waterproof paper so you can write down your great ideas in the shower. And as fun and mindful the latest coloring book trend may seem, your creative artist would rather work on their own art then sit and color.

Here is a gift guide I created to help generate ideas to buy for your artist family member or friend if you have already bought them a new sketchbook or a gift card to the local art store for the past few years. This list is to help your artists fill the well, rejuvenate the creative juices and to bring a bit of indulgence. This list also has a local Twin Cities twist for those in the Minnesota Metro area and some cheaper options for a similar gift. This gift list ranges from free to about $100.

Photo credit to My Crystal Bliss

My Crystal Bliss Box: I stumbled upon this subscription box and happened to fall in love with it. I have been into trying out subscription boxes but I am usually focused on the art and creative projects based boxes. If you read through past blogs you can find information and recommendations for, Pigment + Palette, Art Snacks, and Indigo Artbox. Although I have not ordered a Crystal Bliss Box yet, I poked around the website and was exited about the Holiday Box which seemed to be a good start for the upcoming new year! The box sends 2-3 crystals alongside other mindful and artisan gifts like teas, jewelry, candles and more. Whats great about this subscription box is that its Minnesota local! Check out the Holiday Crystal Box here.

Cost: $58.99 per single box, $64.00 for the Holiday Collection Box

Cheaper Option: Head on over to the Enchanted Rock Garden in Richfield, MN and pick out some rocks and crystals on your own. The Enchanted Rock Garden is located at Woodlake Plaza Mall, 6445 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423.


Essential Oils: Essential oils are a great way to change your vibe while also smelling great. You can even use certain oils and scents to boost your creativity by changing your mindset, fostering calmness and getting focused. They can be very beneficial in the studio but you can also add them to warm baths, diffuse them in your space, apply them topically and more. There are a variety of companies that sell essential oils so its best to do some research when shopping for oils. Some are safe to consume and to place topically while others can be toxic. So if you are buying and using oils, take some time and care in following the proper way to use them and from what companies you wish to purchase from. Aura Cacia has an oil called Essential Solutions Creative Juice Aura Cacia 0.5 oz Liquid which I love to use in my studio. Young Living is a popular company, which I also use. They have a wide variety of oils blends which may appeal to your artist like, “Inspiration,” or “Motivate,” or “Live Your Passion.”

Cost: $10 to $60+ depending on the oil company and shipping if you order online

Cheaper Option: Head to Tao Natural Foods in Uptown area of Minneapolis and shop their oils section. You can find the Creative Juices oil there, smell and sample it as well as some other oil blends. Tao Natural Foods is located at 2200 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

Photo credit to The Salt Cave

Salt Caves: I discovered the Minneapolis Salt Cave about a year ago and can’t get enough of it. Its the best way to get a vacation while staying in the cities. A session in the salt caves is $30 and is worth every dollar. The Salt Caves are a designed space made of Himalayan salt. (So picture a larger sauna with walls that are glowing pink.) Medical grade salt is then diffused into the space as you sit and relax, rest or meditate in the space for about an hour. While a session in the cave does great to promote relaxation, it also has great health benefits for those suffering from allergies, asthma, stress, skin conditions and more.  If you browse the bookings page to set up a session, you will also find yoga classes, meditation, stress reduction sessions and more session packages. There is even a small gift shop at the Salt Caves if you wish to purchase a nice salt lamp after your session. The Salt Caves are located at 4811 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Cost: $30 per session, or a 3 for $75 session pack for first timers

Cheaper Option: Shop the Salt Cave’s gift shop and find salt lamps and bath salts starting around $10

Photo credit to A MANO

Work from their Favorite Artist – Artists like other artists, that’s just a fact! We love being creative and seeing the work of other creative comrades. A new favorite of mine is A MANO and specifically the Spirit Rocks she sells which are made of ceramics! The rocks are miniature clay sculptures that can be put in terrariums, on a shelf, by your desk or easel. They are cute and beautiful and a great gift. Find an inspiring artist and support their business by purchasing some of their art to inspire your artist.

Cost: $15 per Spirit Rock pack from A MANO

Cheaper Option: If you are feeling creative, make your own version! Collect some round pebbles and paint them with a toothpick or small brush. Always be careful about copying other artists work, be sure to create your own version of what a spirit rock means to you. This way your gift becomes more personal!

Creative Consultations

A Creative Consultation: There are a variety of services in the Twin Cities (and nationwide too) specifically designed with artists, creatives and entrepreneurs in mind. Springboard for the Arts has consultations starting at $45 for an hour. There are life coaches as well that can help you discover a new path or passion. There are many local coaches and their fees vary based on their background and services. This may take a bit of research.

Cost: $45 per hour with Springboard

Cheaper Option: I also provide creative consultations for artists at $20 per hour and offer assistance with a variety or projects and services that you can read about here. A consultation may help with artist block, a new project, getting a grant written or more! Contact me at if you wish to set up a consult.


Memberships: Think about giving your artist family member or friend a gift of a membership. While memberships to museums are an easy gift, think about expanding on this idea to include local non-profits. Many organizations require membership for participation in programs, exhibitions, workshops and other services but could open up opportunities for your artist all year long. It may take a bit more planning and preparation for you to figure out which organizations your gift recipient would be interested in but here are some places to consider: Women’s Arts Resources of MN ($60), Women’s Caucus for Art ($50 + Chapter Fees), Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association ($75), The Textile Center ($30), American Craft Council ($40), Artistry ($40), Edina Art Center ($35), or the Minnesota Council of Non-profits ($100).

Cost: Depends on the organization, various prices listed above. All links take you to the membership page for each organization.

Cheaper Option: The Minneapolis Institute of Art is always free, why not take your artist out on a museum day together and explore what the museum has to offer for the holidays. You can explore the galleries and exhibitions or take one of their tours. The Institute is located at 2400 Third Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404


Do you have other great ideas for holiday buying for the artist or creative in your life? Or have you received a really great gift item in the past that you wish to share? Leave your gift ideas in the comments below!

(And if this list doesn’t inspire you, here’s where you can find the driftwood paint brush holder and other terrible gift ideas including the expert level coloring books).


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