Creative Consultations for Artists

Creative Consultations for Artists

Work one-on-one with Kate Renee on various creative business aspects of your artistic career. From talking about writing a proposal for the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant to assisting you with creating an Artist Facebook Page, Kate can provide you with a variety of helpful tips and resources. Please email her with your initial idea or project you would like help with. Only $20 per hour. Please contact Kate at katerenee (at) All inquiries welcome. If Kate cannot provide help with your project or initiative, she will refer you to someone who can better assist you with your goals.

Facebook: Creating artist pages, groups or profiles, starting ad campaigns, boosting posts, creating events, linking Facebook to your other networks, changing your Facebook URL

Etsy: Setting up a shop, listing items, changing shop settings, proper packaging of items

Resources: References to local artists, business and other helpful websites and tools to assist you

Grants: Proof reading and reviewing  grant proposals for a second opinion, walk through the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant process

Blogging: Basic Word Press and Blogger set up and navigation, uploading images into blogs and adding captions, visual tips for blog consistencies, scheduling automatic blog posts, sharing posts to build audience

Organization: Creating and managing your art inventory, organizing important business documents, learning what to keep and what to throw, email management systems and tools, keeping track of exhibition dates and contacts

Marketing: Recommendations of companies to order business cards from, ideas for promotional items and handouts, assistance compiling a mailing list, set up a newsletter template with Mail Chimp email software, creating media packets, drafting press releases

Social Networking: Setting up a social networking plan, using Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and more

Goals: Setting and managing artistic and business goals, creating a vision board

Community: artistic and business related mentorship recommendations, local non-profits and programs to get involved with

Google: Gmail, Google Drive including Sheets, Docs and Slides, Google Plus, Google Calendar

Other Software: Prezi and Dropbox

Exhibition and Events: Planning and timeline creation for events and exhibitions, drafting effective exhibition proposals, preparing for studio visits, special event display resources


Artist Kate Renee’s presentation, “Selling Art on Etsy”, was incredibly thorough, interesting, and informative with great insight from an experienced Etsy artist. The artists especially enjoyed her real-time demonstration of adding an actual product to her Etsy page. Kate’s presentation was organized and flowed well while also being flexible enough to dialogue directly with the audience in a very approachable and collegial manner. –Rachel Daly

Rachel Daly

Director of Visual Arts

Bloomington Theatre and Art Center


Kate is the best! I am an artist and independent contractor in multiple creative roles and had a limited understanding of certain tools I could use to improve my businesses. Kate’s guidance and knowledge, both general and specific, gave me the direction, resources and confidence I needed to move forward. She is a great guide, instructor and resource! I now have effective tools in place to help grow my business. Thank you, Kate!

Cara Tollefson

Artist, Goddess Workshop Facilitator, Makeup Artist, Ceremony Celebrant


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