Art Box Subscriptions: Pigment and Palette

Monthly subscription boxes are the latest trend. Like a magazine, these subscription boxes send you a small selection of items in the mail which tends to be a surprise. From BirchBox sending makeup samples, BarkBox sending dog toys and treats and NatureBox sending healthy snacks, you can choose any type of subscription box. There are a variety of art related boxes for artists that sends tools, art supplies, new products and DIY crafts. This is a review of the subscription box Pigment + Palette.

Pigment + Pallete


Cost: $18 per month, no free trial box offer

Subscription Types: Monthly, 6 months or 1 year

Items: 3-5 trial and fill sized art supplies

What to Expect: You will receive a postcard of an artist’s artwork. Wider variety of items available. The products seemed a bit more sparse but only one less actual item than Art Snacks. P+P also seems much smaller because we don’t get the extra sticker and novelty candy.

Positives: What is nice about Pigment + Palette is that if you enjoyed a product, you can purchase it from their site directly. They have a wider variety that includes Xacto knives, brush soap, sketchbooks, and palette knives. You can guarantee a surprise and variety in the items you are getting. This subscription costs less than Art Snacks too. My first impression of this subscription was that the packaging and look of Pigment + Palette was more sleek, thought out and professional than Art Snacks.  In terms of sophistication and professionalism, P+P wins. They tie in together a package theme (this one is Obsidian + Quarts) in with the artist and the type of work that is featured on the postcard. This box, themed illustration. In comparison, Art Snack’s February subscription was themed for Valentines Day, cheesy.

Negatives: Pigment + Palette does not show what is in the past boxes but has a webpage with lists of items that are featured products. One can assume these products or something similar was part of a previous subscription. The tricky part of this box for me was the timing of the subscription. I signed up 12/21 and did’t receive my box until February! When I inquired where my subscription was, I received a “if you read our FAQ…” response. So here’s the scoop. If you purchase a box after a specific pre-determined date you wont get next months until the following month.

My Box:  My Pigment + Palette box came in super fancy packaging. Inside is a postcard of some artwork with the description of the products on the back. I got the Daniel Smith Masking Fluid, Crescent Illustration Board Samples, Copic Black Multiliner and the Palomino Blackwing Pencil. Nothing came bent or forced in the box which was great. I actually was excited to get all 4 of these products. The Palomino pencil and masking fluid was completely new to me which was exciting.


Looking forward to another box to see how P+P goes! I think I would subscribe more long term to this art box subscription. It seems less novelty and more sophisticated. I would recommend this to a professional practicing artist.

4 Replies to “Art Box Subscriptions: Pigment and Palette”

  1. Pigment +Pallet just changed there packing. Now it’s just a cheap white box… wish I knew before I signed up for 12 month paid in full. Bummer

  2. I agree. I actually just cancelled my subscription today. I had been a subscriber since march of 2014. The boxes gradually got more disappointing, and when I started recieving only samples of samples in art supplies, I realized the money I would save yearly by purchasing products myself would make the most sense. When the packaging changed as well, it made me worry that the company was potentially on its way out. It doesn’t update its facebook page anymore, or website. I’m shopping around for another subscription box, but for the time being am going to hold off. To bad. They were a good company for a while!!!!

    1. It seems like some of these subscription companies die out with in the first year or two. There was another company that I was researching while writing these blog posts on artist subscription boxes called Whimsy Box and that went out of business. They actually kept charging people for their monthly fees when they went under and weren’t sending out boxes. They also had a quiet Facebook page and lack of social media response to people asking why their boxes weren’t showing up at their door…..So the re-packaging could be a definite sign of cutting costs to save the business from tanking.

      I ended my subscription a while back too, for the same reason. I had about 3 boxes coming my way and realized that it totaled up to $60 per month which is a significant dollar amount annually. And like you, I’d rather buy products that I use to make my art. Many of the samples I haven’t used in my art either.

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