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Monthly subscription boxes are the latest trend. Like a magazine, these subscription boxes send you a small selection of items in the mail which tends to be a surprise. From BirchBox sending makeup samples, BarkBox sending dog toys and treats and NatureBox sending healthy snacks, you can choose any type of subscription box. There are a variety of art related boxes for artists that sends tools, art supplies, new products and DIY crafts. This is a review of the subscription box Art Snacks.

Art Snacks


Cost: Updated prices as of 2017

1 month plan: $24
3 month plan: $72
6 month plan: $132

12 month plan: $240

*$10/month shipping applies outside the USA. Art Snacks currently only offer month-to-month plans for customers outside the USA.

Subscription Types: 3 months, 6 months, year long option

You will be, however, continually charged each month until you cancel regardless of your subscription type

Items: 4-5 art related items and a candy

January 2015 Art Snacks Box

What to Expect: You don’t know what will arrive in the mail however it will be mostly items that fit the long length of the box shape: brushes, pens, markers, pencils. Every few months you will receive a larger item or something unique. Focused mainly on drawing and illustration.

Positives: You can see what arrives in past subscription boxes to get a good sense beforehand if this is a subscription you would like to join; pretty low risk and predictable. There are a lot of pen, pencils and markers (writing and drawing supplies). If you are into drawing and illustrating and always looking for something new to test out or use in your artwork, then give this a go. If you are into other mediums like painting, there is still items for you, sometimes brushes and paint are included although they come less frequently. Art Snacks provides an insert into the box which tells you about the products you receive so you learn a little more about the products, although sometimes this is less about product knowledge and more cutesy. Another positive, they offer free tracking so you know when your box is on its way. You can always try the free trial box to see if this is for you. If it isn’t your cup of tea, cancel asap because they will charge you pretty quick for the next month.

Negatives: The “snack” idea is evident with the sizing, packaging and items they provide. Art Snacks seems limited in what they provide if you are looking for variety. Compared to another subscription company like Pigment + Palette, Art Snacks is slightly more expensive. While there are no major red flags or negative features of Art Snacks, its pretty evident beforehand if this subscription box is or isn’t for you.

My Box: My Art Snacks box (January 2015) came with a 4 page booklet of paper samples from Rendr, a Copic marker, Faber Castel Polychromos colored pencil, Excel metal ruler, Sweettart candy, LePen Technical Drawing Pencil and an Art Snacks Sticker. While I am in love with the excel metal ruler’s fraction and decimal conversion chart printed on the back and the sharp technical LePen, my sketchbook came bent from being forced into the small box. The candy and sticker, not really necessary. I see both the Copic marker and Faber Castel pencil as true samples. I can’t do much besides use them in a sketchbook and would need to purchase more or different colors to make them more useable. They are, however, great to test out products I have never used before. The colored pencil was a noted staff favorite in my box.

Recommendation: Based on my previous research of other boxes and my own Art Snacks box, it is very drawing and illustration focused. I am not an artist who draws much so committing long term to $20 per month for colored pencils and pens is something I would have to really consider. I am intrigued by getting these products simply to try them and to play with them. The element of surprise with these boxes is fun and part of the experience. Its creatively liberating and great to try products I wouldn’t grab off the shelf for myself while browsing at the art store. Overall review, I’m definitely willing to give ArtSnacks another try.

Look forward to another Art Box Subscription blog post reviewing another subscription, Pigment + Palette!

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