Artist Residency Resources

Artist Residency Resources

Residencies take planning and a bit of schedule coordination to fit in to life especially if you are balancing a career, family, or other activities. If you are in a period of unemployment or are in between jobs and can spare some cash, I recommend taking an artist residency.

This was the website that I used to research residencies: Mesart. It breaks the list of residencies down into states, which is helpful if you have a continental area or specific state you wish to travel to. Many programs require you to apply a year or more in advanced, so plan accordingly. I recommend leaving the state or finding a residency that is far enough away that you are not tempted to head home for a weekend.

This book is a good resource for beginning to research places for residencies both national and international. The main aspect of the book is residency profiles. The book goes in depth with a bunch of residencies providing the reader with important information: location, available equipment, eligibility for acceptance, hosing and meals services, accessibility, application info, artist responsibilities and organization responsibilities. The index in the back are also helpful with easy to read charts for the information presented in the book.

If you are looking for international opportunities, these two websites can also help get you started: ResArtis and Residency Unlimited


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