Art Business Classes with Kate Renee: Selling Art Online, Creative Inventories & Vision Boards


This winter and spring, Kate Renee is teaching three courses at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center. Learn the best practices for selling art online through Etsy, get organized and create an art and exhibition inventory or feel inspired and make a vision board. You can sign up for these art business classes on the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center website. Discounts for members of the art center are available and supplies are included.

Etsy Class
Wednesday February 25th 2015 6:30 – 8:30 PM
1 Session
$32 Members / $36 Non-Member
Available in the winter session

Learn skills necessary to run your own business through selling artwork through Etsy. This class will discuss the basics like choosing an SEO-friendly shop name and listing new items. We will also cover more advanced skills like calculating sales tax and linking your shop to your Twitter account for cross promotion. The class can get you started on making money by selling art work online through your product, packaging and online presence.

Creative Inventories Workshop
Wednesdays March 18th and April 1st from 6:00 – 8:00 PM
2 Sessions
$47 Members / $51 Non-Members
Includes inventory binder and workbook
Available in the spring session – contact BTAC to enroll now

Inventory. Just the word tends to make artists cringe. Inventories list images of your body of work, descriptions, measurements, special exhibits and collections, and cost of goods. An art inventory is used as an accurate log of your body of work, a documentation of your creative history, a demonstration for tax purposes that you are a professional artist, an aid with insurance claims, a visual and informative tool to exhibit the scope of your arts career to galleries and interviews, and as a compliment to artwork providing descriptive details when applying to opportunities, grants and shows. In this workshop you will learn why a strong and comprehensive inventory is important, the roles your inventory serves and strategies and practices for building and accurately documenting your inventory.

Vision Board Workshop
Wednesday April 29th 6:00 – 9:00
1 Session
$42 Member / $46 Non-Member
Includes materials fee
Available in the spring session – contact BTAC to enroll now

Discover a new way to find your creative path and artistic focus through assembling a vision board. Bring collected images as well as use various provided pictures, affirmations, words and symbols to create your own board. You will learn how to use your board to assist you in accomplishing goals and leave class with a completed board that supports your dreams.


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