No Pressure: 4 Ways to Creatively Figure Out Your New Year’s Goals


Every January, we figure out a resolution and feel a rush of passion and inspiration to achieve this new goal. But we often expect too much, run out of steam, quickly fall off the horse and feel depressed.

There is a lot of pressure focused on this one day each year to figure something out and to make a big change. But what happens if you give yourself time to prepare for this change or resolution. What if  your resolution is to simply allow yourself the exploration of what your true goals are? What if you allowed yourself the time to sit and listen to yourself? What do you really want to do this year? How do you want to feel?

There is a lot of focus on one day we typically wake up hung over, exhausted and bummed we already slipped on our ‘resolutions.’ What happens if January 1st didn’t matter? I’ve been spending sometime digging deep and trying to figure out what really works and I have found some support materials to help guide me with what I want to accomplish this year.


1. The Desire Map Experience by Danielle LaPorte (Book on CD)

A brand new way to plan your goals…with soul. Danielle has created an entire business model to support you figuring out your goals based on how you want to feel. There’s no use seeking and achieving your goals if they don’t serve you. I have The Desire Map book but also on CD so I can repeatedly learn the tools and hear the messages. Her intention is to feel the way you want to feel.


2. Walking In This World by Julia Cameron

A sequel to The Artist Way, its a book designed for artists who are already a working professional or who have previously worked through The Artist Way. Going through Cameron’s artist books are easier when done in a group or have another artist friend to do it with. I often take classes with Spirit Out! Inc. If anything, the tool of Morning Pages which is found in this book is one technique that all artists should practice on a daily basis.


3. Passion Planner by Angelica Trinidad

The tagline for this planner is, “Passion Planner is the life coach that fit in your pocket.” This planner is different from your day-to-day planner. It allows you to plot your goals through each day and week of the year to track yourself, maintain progress and keep positive. Complete with a prioritized task list for work and life balance, weekly and daily focuses, an appointment calendar, positive motivational quote, a map to plan long and short term goals, and even a monthly reflection section to reflect on your goal progress, this planner doesn’t plan your daily life, it helps you figure out the bigger picture. What goes in your planner if a reflection of what you really want to accomplish.

Slightly interested in trying this? You can download free PDF pages to start! Referring people also will get you a free copy.  If you are looking for something similar, Danielle LaPorte also has a Desire Map planner.

Vision Board

4. Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is an excellent way to see what your goals are. Creating and using a vision board offers a way to solidify your creative path, artistic focus and lifestyle. It can be used in conjunction with your planner, books, and other goal related tools to achieve those goals by creating a visual reminder. You can either work on a vision board on your own, or take a guided class. If this is your first board, I would recommend a class. Vision Board classes help set intentions, open your mind, be receptive to your subconscious and more. The help prevent over-thinking and creating a board of ‘goals’ that maybe don’t actually support what you really want to do.

I am teaching a class on creating a vision board at the Bloomington Theatre Art Center this spring. My class is Wednesday April 29th from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. And while I am using this space to talk about what I am offering artists, I would really encourage you to take anyone’s class, read a book or try your own vision board. Heather Koshiol with Learn + Explore + Share also offers a Vision Board course which I took.

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