Free Helpful Resources for LLC Business Owners

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Have you started your own LLC and you are trying to navigate the business world on your own? Minnesota provides free resources and help to small businesses.

Helpful Resource #1: Free Guide to Starting a Small Business in Minnesota Handbook

When you head on over to Positively Minnesota there is a bunch of free resources available to you to read and refer to. You can choose up to five items to click on and order which are all free an no shipping costs. For LLCs you would likely choose the Guide to Starting a Small Business in Minnesota but you may also choose a few others based on your needs. Check out the list below of free and helpful resources.

ListYou can have a printed copy or a CD version of the materials also. I haven’t had the chance to drive really deep into my guide but I’ve been warned its dry material. Something prefect to read when you are trying to fall asleep. It gives you all the possibilities and legalities of LLCs and other small business entities, but doesn’t provide any recommendations. While there are positives and negatives to reading through this resource, this information is crucial to being a Minnesotan business owner.

Helpful Resource #2: Free Workforce Center Classes


Related to the first resource, Positively Minnesota also offers free workshops! A few of these workshops are for small businesses and starting new businesses. There are three courses: Start a Small Business, How to Start Your Own Business and the other is Exploring Self Employment. Click here to see the list of workshops available and find a location near you.

Helpful Resource #3: Free Counseling


Score is a non-profit that uses volunteers to help teach and mentor small business owners. How cool is that! Score offers free one on one business mentoring and assistance with business plan development. They also have small business seminars. Head on over to the website to learn more information.

Helpful Resource #4: Creating a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is free! From a simple one page summary of your business goals to a small book filled with an executive summary and financial break down. Spending the time to plan out your business and set goals is such a valuable experience. There are plenty of online sources to learn about the structure and format of traditional business plans. If you are into something more creative and right brained, look into Jennifer Lee’s, Right Brained Business Plan.


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