How to Get the Most out of Giant Steps Conference

Giant Steps

Giant Steps is anything but a conference where you learn “top ten lists towards achieving your goals,” or “5 tools to success.” This conference can only be described as transformation. The best advice is attend and absorb. But while you are there, here are a few tips to get the most out of the experience. I have attended Giant Steps for three years and have learned a few strategies to be prepared and to get the most out of the experience.

After I wrote this, I found a similar blog post by Rhymesayers’ Kevin Beacham. Read his article, Giant Steps Conference: Some Tips on How to Maximize the Experience!!! Read it here!

1. As first suggested by Giant Steps founder, Susan Campion, “Show up, and be present.” Two simple ways to get the most out of Giant Steps is to go to the conference and participate in all that there is to offer. In addition to panels and workshops there is a networking happy hour, photo head shots and more. Participate in all you can.

2. Bring lots of business cards! Giant Steps is not your typical networking event. Its a day of creative and entrepreneurial collaborations, discussions, advice and more. However, you can be sure that you will be passing out a ton of cards.



3. Bring your Twitter handle. (Or make one if you do not have a Twitter account) When signing up for Giant Steps there is an option for to insert your information, bio and twitter handle. Fill this out! Giant Steps prints packets of the bios and handles like a small directory of everyone who attended. This is a great way to get to know more information about the people you meet during the conference and allows you to reconnect afterwards.

Twitter handles also allows you to live tweet and share your experience during the conference. If you have a smart device, participate online and Tweet! Giant Steps hastag is #GiantStepsMN.

4. Meet people! Sit by new faces and introduce yourself. Be honest and share your story.

5. Take notes. Its impossible to remember all of the great tips, quotes and advice the panelists and attendees have to share. The panelists share real advice and stories which have so much life and value to them. Listen and absorb everything.

6. Continue to connect after the conference. Meet with people that you met at Giant Steps. Blog, social network, reconnect. Continue the conversation.

7. Get inspired and take that next giant step that you need to take.

8. Its impossible to attend all of the panels and break out sessions. Share what you have learned with others during your experience!

9. Leave your expectations at the door. There is nothing quite like Giant Steps. Part conference part networking part event part workshop its a great combination of everything awesome. Expect a great experience.

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