Art Marketing: Utilizing QR Codes

QR codes are new to me. Yes in this age of technology I am one young person who still uses a dumb phone. (Dumb Phone: (Noun) a phone that texts and calls but has no internet access, apps or anything remotely cool. Opposite of the smart phone.) So QR codes have never been a thing that I have managed to utilize. After some careful consideration, however, I decided that since I don’t have a smart phone, that doesn’t prohibit me from using QR codes to reach out to people.


So lets break this down. QR codes stand for Quick Response code. It is a matrix barcode that smart phones can read through a specially designed application. The user must first take a picture of the barcode and then use the application to read the code. The information that is coded into the QR code is usually a website but can also be a text or other data.

I created my own QR code based off my website from a website called However, there are many websites where you can make QR codes for free. This site was recommended to me by the MN Workforce Center. At, I was able to apply for a free QR code. I simple entered in the information that I wanted to be coded in my QR code, my website URL. It will ask you to sign in and create an account and verify that account by email. Once verified you may log in and under your account you will find your QR code.

Capture2From this website you can track who utilized your QR code to link to your site. This will only begin once people have photographed the code and used the app on their phones to access the website (or data) you stored in the code.

code (1)

For those of you who would like to customize your code, there is an option to choose different colors and effects on your QR code. Consider customizing it to match your printed marketing materials such as business cards or post cards. You can also place your QR code on your artist resume or CV to provide an easy access to your website.

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