Art Inventory Blog Series

Interested in learning about art inventories? I wrote a three part blog series on how to make an art inventory. Starting with the basics, I guest blogged on Local Artist Interviews and shared how to start making one. This is a good place to go if you have one started and you want to make sure your inventory has enough information.

Part 2 and 3 was posted here, on the Suction Cup. Part 2 is a more thorough post about updating and making your inventory information packed. Its for those artists who like to be organized.

The third and final article is about some last minute tips to take your inventory to the edge of perfection. It has some ideas for organizing and presenting your inventory. Through out these three articles, I share my own inventory. I use one piece of artwork to demonstrate the different ways to list your art and the important information.

Working on your inventory is a big project. It takes time, energy and focus. I walked artist Margie Gamache through the inventory process and she ended up with a valuable tool for her art career. Not sure if making an inventory is worth your time and effort? Just head on over to article one, and read the beginning. There I list reasons and purposes for your inventory.


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