After School Special: Panel 2 Discussion

On August 7th, the second of three artist development panels is comensing at SooVAC. Build on a partnership between SooVAC and, I was asked to participate in this panel and discuss how I use my web presence to push content to my audience. The panel begins at 7 pm and will include myself alongside Paul Schmelzer, the Web Editor for the Walker Art Center and Sarah Crist, Social Media Community Manager at Fallon. With facilitation from Jehra Patrick, from mnartists, the After School Specials are a skill building public program for artists. It presents the materials in a conversational mode rather than in a formal workshop.

I was lucky enough to have the evening avaliable to attend the first panel and enjoyed it alot. I will be excited to participate in all three panels by both talking and discussing my artist tips, and being an active member in the audience. I was able to get alot of great tips and ideas from Alison Beattie, Web designer and Lead UX Designer at Fallon, Jesse Draxler, Artist, and Beth Loraine Bowman, artist, during the Panel 1 discussion.

Following the first panel discussion, I’ve already been applying and making changes to my web presence and have some new ideas in the making. There are plenty of tips flying around Twitter as well over the next few weeks during the After School Specials discussions. Follow the stream through #artistsprofdev. will also have some follow up blog posts. I will also have some of my own follow up blog posts too!

The next panel discussion is:

Panel 2: Marketing Your Work – Use Your Web Presence to be Your Own Press Machine
Tuesday, August 7 | 7 pm | SooVAC

Congrats, your online portfolio is up and running! Now what? Want to get traffic and keep continued interest? You need a strategy! Learn from professionals working in creative fields how to build an online audience by marketing your work. We will cover social press basics like:

+ Is sharing the new marketing?
+ What to share and how
+ How to track your audiences
+ How to tell what’s working

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